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The Virginia Philosophy Reality Lab is an interdisciplinary coalition of educators and researchers at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, that explores philosophical issues through extended reality (XR) technologies. We are currently developing virtual reality modules on the basis of philosophical thought experiments to be used as educational tools in the classroom and research tools for experimental studies.

The Virginia Philosophy Reality Lab is a partnership between the ODU Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies and the Virginia Modelling, Analysis, and Simulation Center. It also works with students and faculty in the ODU Game Studies & Design Program to create compelling XR experiences that explore philosophical ideas, such as the ethics of life and death decisions in real and virtual contexts.

VPRL Personnel

How can I get involved

We are constantly looking for individuals to participate in our studies. If you are interested in participating in our next study, please contact us at If you are an educator or researcher interested in using VR in the classroom or on your next project, we are planning on releasing our completed modules to our GitHub page in the future, in the meanwhile please reach out to us.

Additional Resources

We are part of a growing network of thinkers and researchers around the world interested in using XR to pursue traditional philosophical topics. Click HERE to explore other resources and papers about these topics.